Monday, March 14, 2011

That Happens Sometimes

Welcome to my new personal blog - That Happens Sometimes!  I decided to branch my personal posts off from my photography blog in hopes that I'll be inspired to post more personal things - crafts, parenting, cooking and more!

That Happens Sometimes is one of the most handy phrases I've found in parenting. I started using it in response to my son's questions when he started talking. Now that he's nearly six, I still find myself using it regularly. It has come in handy more times than I can count with questions ranging from bodily functions to things he sees in passing - mostly things I just don't feel a need or have a desire to explain at that moment. He's super curious, but (knock on wood) so far he takes that response when offered and usually doesn't push it.

I find "That Happens Sometimes" as a suitable descriptor for our lives frequently, too. Take the photo I snapped of Audrey this morning while we were preparing brunch. I was busy making blueberry pancakes and bacon while my husband was juicing fresh Florida oranges. I turned around and found my daughter doing this.  Yeah - around here - that happen sometimes.

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