Monday, March 14, 2011

Thankful Thought 001

This fall we moved from an awesome, fun and active suburban neighborhood to a quiet one-lane road in the country. To say it was culture shock for me is an understatement. I've cried in our new house. I've teared up visiting our old neighborhood. I've ached over the decision. 

It has taken me a full four months to fully appreciate our new surroundings.  I'm happy, though, that last week, not a tear was in sight when I visited our old neighborhood. In fact, I couldn't help but think how close the houses were to each other. Coming and going, I was amazed by how long I sat at red lights. (I'm a good 15 minutes from the nearest stop light in our new town.)

So, when Ali Edwards posted her Thankful Thought photo the other day, I knew exactly what I wanted to share I am thankful for right now - our new neighborhood. 

Have I had to adjust my thought process a little? Sure. There aren't side walks or street lights. There aren't a ton of kids to play with at a moment's notice. There isn't a book club or a Secret Santa.

What there is, though, are great people and an amazing landscape. It is peaceful and quiet. I've never seen the stars any brighter than I do from our back yard. The kids can be as loud as they want in the yard, and I don't worry that they're bothering anyone. And the orchards - well - they are seemingly endless. 

Today the kids and I wandered the orchards right across the street - splashing in mud puddles, checking out the buds on the trees, noting from which rows of trees the workers have picked up the trimmings, and walking until we could see nothing but more trees. 

I was completely happy and very, very thankful.

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